【To all students and their families】Call for Attention to Prevent COVID-19

トップ記事【To all students and their families】Call for Attention to Prevent COVID-19

December 11, 2020

To all students and their families

Director, Crisis Response Headquarters
President of Tokushima University
Noji Sumihare


Call for Attention to Prevent COVID-19 Infection during New-Year Holidays

   Currently, the number of new COVID-19 cases is increasing nationwide, and among them there are many cases where the route of infection is still unknown. As there is concern about the further spread of infection due to people traveling to and from Tokushima Prefecture during the new-year holidays, it is critically important to thoroughly implement measures to prevent infection at this time of the year, from the perspective of protecting the health and ensuring the safety of students, faculty members and other staff of the University as well as local residents in Tokushima Prefecture.
   Infection of anyone among people of the University could lead to hospitalization of the infected person and isolation at home of that person's close contacts, and also to the closure of some campus facilities, and in the worst scenario, the entire campus may be closed.
   We therefore request you to pay attention to the following instructions, to be aware of your responsibilities as a student of the University, to refrain from group activities, and to keep in mind that you may be infected.


1. Travel to other prefectures
(1) When traveling to other prefectures, check the latest information announced by the prefecture you are visiting and take measures to prevent infection thoroughly. Please take appropriate action according to the risk of infection, such as canceling travel to an area where an alert for the spread of infection is issued.

(2) You should be very careful about avoiding infection when you meet with friends who have returned home from other prefectures.

2. Traveling abroad
   As instructed in the "Notice on the Revision of Tokushima University’s Basic Policy on Countermeasures against COVID-19 (November 2, 2020)," refrain from traveling abroad for private purposes. If you go and return from abroad, you will be required to stay home for 14 days and check your health conditions.

3. Instructions for taking classes and daily life
(1) Be cautious about "Five Situations" (see more information at the following URL) where infection risk increases.
In particular, refrain from participating in group activities (e.g., eating and drinking, karaoke, Christmas party, year-end party, new-year party, and going for a drive).

(2) Be sure to always wear a face mask. Even if you wear a face mask, a long conversation in a closed setting would increase the risk of infection.

(3) Refrain from eating and drinking in a group of five or more people or while singing. Be sure to only gather in small groups and for a short period of time, and take measures to prevent infection, such as maintaining distance from other people and avoiding seats facing another person.

(4) Wash and disinfect your hands frequently before a meal, after using a toilet, returning from an outing, etc.

(5) If you have a fever or feel bad, refrain from going out or doing a part-time job and take care for several days even after getting better. If your symptoms fall under any of those specified in the "Measures concerning the Novel Coronavirus (for Students)", follow the relevant measures. 

(6) When you are in a room with one or more people, wear a face mask and open     the windows slightly or provide ventilation regularly to avoid the room from being enclosed.

(7) In order to be prepared for attending face-to-face classes (including practical training), please avoid contact with unspecified persons as much as possible, and take good care of your health by checking your temperature and keeping a record of your activities.

(8) When you return from outside Tokushima Prefecture, check your temperature and health conditions. If you are not feeling well, please refrain from returning to Tokushima.

4. Part-time jobs
(1) Please refrain from engaging in part-time jobs that are considered to be problematic in terms of infection prevention, such as being unable to avoid the "Three Cs" (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) and being instructed not to wear a face mask.

(2) If you do a part-time job, take basic measures to prevent infection thoroughly, such as checking your temperature and keeping a face mask on.

5. Notification upon taking a PCR test
   If you feel unwell, follow the instructions specified in the "Measures concerning the Novel Coronavirus" (posted on the website). If you take a PCR test, make sure to notify the division in charge by the method designated by your faculty.

6. Information on classes
(1) Always be attentive to the information published by the university. Important notices from the University will be posted on the university Homepage or delivered through the Course Management System for Students.

(2) Class schedules may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. Always be attentive to the information posted and emails sent on the Course Management System for Students and follow instructions from your academic advisor.

7. Spreading information using social media
   Anyone can be infected with COVID-19. You must not post a message or carelessly spread information defaming or stigmatizing infected people by using social media.

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"Call for Attention to Prevent COVID-19 Infection during New-Year Holidays"