【For All Students】 Continuing to Enforce the Precautions against COVID-19

トップ記事【For All Students】 Continuing to Enforce the Precautions against COVID-19

November 4, 2020


For All Students

                                            Executive Director and Vice President
(Education and Student Affairs)
Kawamura Yasuhiko

Call for Attention Regarding Continuing to Enforce the Precautions against COVID-19 

 Today, the Tokushima prefectural government issued a safety declaration of Tokushima University in relation to the COVID-19. However, students are requested to remain vigilant and continue paying attention to the following instructions, while taking basic infection control measures (wearing a face mask, washing and disinfecting your hands frequently, avoiding the Three Cs, etc.) for preventing infection.
 Even a little carelessness may cause a cluster of infection. Refrain from acting in a group and take thorough preventive measures with the assumption that you might be infected.


1. Even if you wear a face mask, a long conversation in a closed setting would increase the risk of infection

2. Notes concerning everyday life
 (1) Students are strongly requested to refrain from acting in a group (in particular, eating and drinking, karaoke, and driving)
 (2) When you have to go out, be sure to wear a face mask and refrain from having conversations in a loud voice or for a long time.
 (3) When you have a meal, take measures to prevent infection, such as maintaining distance from other people and avoiding seats facing another person.
 (4) Wash and disinfect your hands frequently before a meal, after using a toilet, returning from an outing, etc.
 (5) If you have a fever or feel bad, refrain from going out or doing a part-time job and take care for several days even after getting better. If your symptoms fall under any of those specified in the "Measures concerning the Novel Coronavirus (for Students)", follow the relevant measures.
 (6) When you are in a room with one or more people, wear a face mask and open the windows slightly or provide ventilation regularly to avoid the room from being enclosed.

3. Part-time jobs
 (1) Please refrain from engaging in part-time jobs that are considered to be problematic in terms of infection prevention, such as being unable to avoid the "Three Cs" (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) and being instructed not to wear a face mask.

 (2) If you do a part-time job, take basic infection control measures thoroughly, such as checking your temperature and keeping a face mask on.

4. Anyone can be infected with COVID-19. You must not post a message or carelessly spread information defaming or stigmatizing infected people by using social media.

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