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Tokushima Universtiy was established as a national university in 1949. It consists of two campuses. Tokushima University aims to enhance mankind's culture and welfare by training human resources and promoting academic studies, by striving for the pursuit of truth and the advancement of knowledge in a spirit of independence, and to pass along to others our outstanding scientific, technological and cultural traditions. Our University is open to the whole world, and we are doing our best to create a rich and peaceful society for the future.
Tokushima University has Josanjima Campus and Kuramoto Campus. On Josanjima campus, there are the Faculties of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology and Bioscience and Bioindustry, and the Graduate Schools of Integrated Arts and Sciences and Advanced Technology and Science. Affiliated with the University are the Center for University Extension, International Center, University Library and other institutes and centers.
On Kuramoto campus, there are the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Graduate Schools of Medical Sciences, Oral Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutrition and Biosciences and Health Sciences. As for the affiliated facilities, we have Tokushima University Hospital, Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, Advanced Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center, University Library and other institutes and centers.
Tokushima University provides newly-arrived international students with various types of educational support including orientations and Japanese language courses. Furthermore, Tokushima University organizes many events in which Japanese and international students can participate together to get to know each other better such as (1) Summer School in which students of Tokushima University and our partner universities jointly participate, (2) International Coordination Symposium that invites former international students to talk about their contributions back in their home countries after graduation, (3) multi-cultural exchange party for international students to have interactions among themselves, (4) study tour to experience Japanese culture and (5) ski trip for Japanese and international students, and also events for international students to interact with local people such as (1) welcome party by local residents for international students newly arrived at the International House and (2) international students' visits to local primary schools, etc.


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