International House

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The International House of Tokushima University was established to contribute to the promotion of international exchange by providing international students and researchers with accommodation.

Tokushima University International House

Opened April 1, 1995
32 Single Rooms (32 persons)
15 Couple Rooms (30 persons)
3 Family Rooms (12 persons)

  • 121_kouryu_kaikan.jpg
    International House
  • 122_kouryu_kaikan.jpg
    Single Room
  • 123_kouryu_kaikan.jpg
    Family Room

The International House of NICHIA-KAIKAN of Tokushima University

Opened April 1, 2006
30 Single Rooms (30 persons)

  • 124_nichia.jpg
  • 125_Courtyard.jpg
    Fourth floor
  • 126_Bedroom.jpg
    Single room