The vision and mission of Tokushima University


Tokushima University will search for truth, create knowledge, and inherit and develop eminent sciences and cultures with a spirit of independence and autonomy. We will contribute as a global university to establish a robust and abundantly prosperous society.


Mission Statements


  1. To educate students systematically and practically to inspire them to feel, consider, and study with ambition for all their lives.
  2. To cultivate future leaders who can autonomously attempt to address world-wide problems with enterprising spirits.



  1. To conduct research that explores fundamental truths through unfettered thought.
  2. To conduct research that solves social issues on the earth.
  3. To contribute to the peaceful development of the international and regional community by returning the research products of the university to society.


Social contribution

  1. To be the center of a network of knowledge linking the regional community with the world in order to establish a peaceful and cultural community of nations and a vibrant regional society.
  2. To be a base for social advances through cooperation among industry, government, and academia, establishing new industries in the regional community, while supporting lifelong learning by opening the facilities of the university to the public.