In the Graduate Schools of Tokushima University,there are two types of admission: as Regular students or Non Regular students (research students and special auditors) are Matriculated students (graduate students) and Non-Matriculated students (special auditor, special studies students and subject studies students).
In the regular courses, there are the Pre-Doctoral course (Master's Program)and Doctoral course (Doctoral Program).
Except for the special programs offered in English which is placed every graduate schools but Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science, the classes and lectures are conducted in Japanese even to foreign students. In consideration of this point, it is necessary that competence in the Japanese language be attained before admission.

There are two types of admission for undergraduate students: as regular or non regular students (research students and auditors, unclassified or non-degree) admissions.
All classes and lectures at each Faculty or School are conducted entirely in Japanese, even to foreign students. For this reason it would be desirable if international students achieve a proper level of Japanese before admission.
For regular students, the duration of education is generally 4 years and the Bachelor's degree is finally granted upon completion of the program required.
However, for students in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the duration of the educational program is generally 6 years, and the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy is granted upon completion of the program.

Students are required to pay an entrance examination fee at the time of application, an enrollment fee at the time of registration, and a tuition fee.

Entrance guide for students from abroad

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