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Outline of Tokushima University 2021



Outline of Tokushima University 2021.(PDF 12.4MB)

Outline of Tokushima University 2021(PDF 3.05MB)

01 Message from the President, The vision and mission of Tokushima University 01 History 
02 Educational organization
Faculties, Graduate Schools, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
02 Administrative Staff
05 Research organization
Research Clusters, Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, Institute of  Post-LED Photonics, Center for Management of Disaster and Environment 
04 Number of Students
06 Faculty organization
Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
06 Profile of Applicants and Entrants
07 University Hospital, Industry-University R&D Startup Leading Institute 07 Number of Degrees Conferred
08 Academic Collaboration Office with Technion, Endowed Chairs 08 Career Paths after Graduation
09 Social contribution organization, Support organization 10 Finance
11 International Exchange, Key Dates for Academic Year, Basic data 12 International Exchange
12 Location & Transportation 15 Number of Staff
13 Campus Map 16 Student Welfare and Physical Education Facilities 
    17 Land and Buildings
    18 Location & Transportation
    19 Campus Map
    20 University Address
      Song of Tokushima University