International Center


We manage the university's international exchange projects centrally, proposing joint projects with the community, seeking to becoming an exchange center that is open to the region and the world. We aim to provide a place for mutual education between Japanese students and international students by providing the necessary education, guidance and advice to foreign students and students of our university who wish to study abroad.


The International Center comprises the International Exchange Support Division, the Japanese Language Education Division, the International Cooperation Division and the Study Abroad Promotion Division. These divisions conduct a variety of activities, supporting the international exchange programs of the university as a whole, promoting international activities in the local community, providing education, guidance and advices to international students and Japanese students who want to study abroad and offering a variety of supports for developing countries. The Center plans and implements international exchange activities, such as summer school for partner universities, Japanese language education for international students, short term study abroad for Japanese students, and various guidance and consulting activities.

We also conduct the activities to promote international exchange with local Japanese, and manage Tokushima University International Student Alumni Associations, and the Multicultural Exchange Party.