TOPNEWS2023 Presentation Session of the Short Term Study Abroad Programs was Held

2023 Presentation Session of the Short Term Study Abroad Programs was Held


2023 Presentation Session of the Short Term Study Abroad Programs (hereinafter referred to as the “Presentation”) was held at the Otsuka Memorial University Auditorium on November 1st, Wednesday.
 The Presentation has been held since 2011 for the purpose of contributing to the globalization of not only the Faculty of Medicine but also Tokushima University by reporting outcomes of study as well as various kinds of experiences, etc. of students who studied abroad at academic exchange partner universities. The Short Term Study Abroad Programs were suspended for this past three years due to the COVID-19. It was resumed this year for the first time in four years. Students who were interested in studying abroad had been eagerly waiting for the resumption of it.
 The Presentation started with the opening address by Professor Nishioka Yasuhiko, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Then, students who studied at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (USA), Hannover Medical School (Germany), Seoul National University (South Korea), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and New Castle University (UK) presented their outcomes of study, situations of medicine and medical treatments, challenges should be solved for the future and importance of communication in English at each universities.
 About 220 students of Schools of Medicine, Medical Nutrition and Health Sciences and faculty members intensely listened to the presentations. The Presentation was finished followed by taking a commemorative group photo.



The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston: Ms.Sekine Ayano (4th year, School ofMedicine)

Hannover Medical School: Ms.Sakai Aki (6th year, School of Medicine),Mr.Maruyama Yusuke(1st year, Graduate School of Medical Nutrition)

Seoul National University: Ms.Nakazato Ayane, Ms.Kato Yumi, Ms.Tomohiro Kana(6th year,School of Medicine)

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences: Ms.Inoue Nao,Ms.Okazaki Yume, Ms.Kamei Moeka,Ms.Mihara Ririko(2nd year, School of Health Sciences)

New Castle University: Ms.Sakai Aki(6th year, School of Medicine)


Memorial group photo with Prof. Nishioka, 3rd person from the right and Prof. Akaike Masashi, 4th person from the right

Opening address by Prof. Nishioka


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Question and Answer Session