TOPNEWSTechnion-Tokushima U International Symposium on Academic Collaboration

Technion-Tokushima U International Symposium on Academic Collaboration


On June 30, 2023, Tokushima University held Technion-Tokushima U International Symposium on Academic Collaboration at the Fujii Setsuro Memorial Hall on the Kuramoto Campus, with the aim of promoting and developing further academic exchange between the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (hereafter, the Technion) and Tokushima University.
 After the opening address by President Kawamura Yasuhiko, His Excellency Mr. Gilad Cohen, Israeli Ambassador to Japan presented a congratulatory remarks to all the participants and encouraging message to the students and young researchers.
 The symposium featured presentations on cutting-edge research and educational trends at both universities by Technion President Uri Sivan and Distinguished Professor Mordechai Segev, as well as by Muto Hironori, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and Nishioka Yasuhiko, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Tokushima University.
 In particular, President Sivan explained about Technion’s efforts to pioneer and strengthen the development of interdisciplinary research areas and the ecosystem centered on the Technion, which has created many world-class startups.
 During the Q&A session, students and faculty members of Tokushima University asked enthusiastic questions, showing the high level of interest in the exchange with the Technion.
 At the close of the symposium, President Sivan again expressed his heartfelt thanks to the participants and expressed his eagerness for our upcoming visit to the Technion.
 The symposium was held in a hybrid format of on-site and online, with a total of 160 participants, and ended on a high note.
 Prior to the symposium on June 28th and 29th, President Sivan and Distinguished Professor Segev visited research and experimental facilities on the Josanjima and Kuramoto campuses of Tokushima University, where international joint research projects with the Technion are being conducted, and held a round-table meeting with young researchers and students. The meeting was a great opportunity for active face to face exchanges.
 We hope that the visit of President Technion and his delegation will be a catalyst for further international joint research and exchanges of students and researchers between the two universities.


President Sivan

Q&A session

at Josanjima campus

at Kuramoto campus