TOPNEWSAlert on the Use of Generative AI

Alert on the Use of Generative AI



Dear Students,

Alert on the Use of Generative AI

An environment is rapidly being created in which anyone can easily use AI that automatically generates text, images, and other data. There are high expectations that such generative AI will contribute to improved convenience, such as more efficient business operations. On the other hand, there are concerns about the leakage of personal information and infringement of copyrights. In the first place, it is also important to understand the characteristics and acquire knowledge of what generative AI means and what kind of AI is available.

We believe that we should carefully discuss how we should deal with the issue of generative AI together with you. However, in this transitional period, Tokushima University would like to draw your attention to the following matters for the time being.

1. Do not input personal or confidential information.
 Input to the generative AI may unintentionally reveal personal or confidential information. Please be aware of the security issues involved, and be careful not to input personal information about yourself or others, unpublished papers, or research details.

2. Do not infringe on copyrights.
 The output of a generative AI may infringe on the copyrights of others. Please be careful not to easily disseminate the output of the AI.

3. Understand that there is credibility issue.
 The content generated by generative AI often contains inaccurate, contradictory, or otherwise misleading representations. It is essential to verify the information based on other reliable sources.

4. Do not use it as a tool for cheating.
 Reproducing the output of a generative AI as if it were your own thoughts in an assignment report or other answer may not be a legitimate evaluation and may be deemed to constitute cheating. We believe that cultivating the ability to think independently and express yourself in your own words will benefit your academic performance.

   If you have any questions about the use of generative AI, please consult with your instructor or other staff members. 


Nagamune Hideaki
 Executive Director for Education and Student Affairs
 Tokushima University