TOPNEWSFY2021 5th Tokushima University Alumni Reunion "Online Bizan-kai" Held

FY2021 5th Tokushima University Alumni Reunion "Online Bizan-kai" Held


On September 25, 2021, the Tokushima University Alumni Reunion "Online Bizan-kai" was held.
 This event has been held once every month, starting this fiscal year, for the purpose of being contributory to enhancing opportunities for alumni to reunite and interact.
 The 5th reunion in FY2021 started with a report by Ms. SASAKI Namie, chief of the Magazine Information Section, Library and Information Services Division, Academic Information Department, Tokushima University, about the activities of Tokushima University Library.
 Following this, Dr. Kenya Kusunose, Lecturer in cardiology of Tokushima University, made a report on his research on the future of the use of AI in the field of clinical medicine, and students from the Tokushima University Guitar Ensemble Club talked about their passion toward their regularly held concerts. At the end of the event, an Executive Director of the University reported the University's publicity activities.



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