Scholarship for International Students

TOPCampus LifeScholarship for International Students

There are two different types of governmental scholarships provided by Mext. Please note that selection procedures and requirements are different.

Recommendation by a Japanese Embassy

Diplomatic and consular offices of the Japanese government in foreign countries select candidates for the scholarship by examining their papers and the results of a written test and an interview. Then they are recommended to Mext, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology. Finally Mext selects some candidates as recipients of the scholarship.
For more detail consult the Japanese diplomatic office abroad nearest to you.

Recommendation by the University

For New International Applicants to the University

Foreign graduate students with excellent records can be selected as candidates for the scholarship on the basis of exchange agreements made between foreign universities and Tokushima University.
After Tokushima University recommends candidates to Mext, Mext finally selects the recipients of the scholarship.

For Self-supported International Students Already Enrolled in the University

Self-supported students with excellent records who are enrolled in graduate courses or are in the last year of undergraduate courses in Japan are recommended to Mext after selection by their universities.
Recipients for the scholarship are finally selected by Mext.(This Program is currently suspended)