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The hospital currently comprises 26 medical clinics, 10 dental clinics, and 55 central clinical facilities. It has 696 beds. As an advanced treatment hospital, it provides leading edge medical and dental care.
In addition, using the geographical proximity of Tokushima University Hospital and Tokushima Prefectural Central Hospital to the maximum, the two hospitals aim to capitalize on their human and infrastructural characteristics to pursue further cooperation towards an effective division of functions. In this way, they are working to realize the general medical zone concept that aims to improve the quality of medical care in the prefecture as a whole.
Bearing in mind the keywords of regional healthcare, coordination and functional differentiation, Tokushima University Hospital will foster medical professionals with high ethical standards, seeking to develop advanced medical care characterized by a global vision that is grounded in the local community.

Total Number of Patients in FY2017

Inpatients: 211,062 Outpatients: 347,465 (Medical Division)
Inpatients: 7,022 Outpatients: 110,164 (Dental Division)