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The University Library comprises two buildings, the Main Building (Josanjima Campus) and the Kuramoto Annex (Kuramoto Campus). The library supports Tokushima University education and research activities as the core foundation of academic information at the university. The Associate Director and library staffs are there to support education by providing an environment that meets a wide range of learning needs. The materials held by the library are also available to the public in various ways for the purpose of contributing to the promotion of local culture.


(As of April 1, 2018)

Number of Books

Main Library Life Sciences Library Total
Books Japanese and Chinese Books 347,361 82,836 430,197
Foreign Books 132,835 97,636 230,471
Journals Japanese Journals 9,190 3,247 12,437
Foreign Journals 3,598 3,291 6,889


Number of Visitors

Main Library Life Sciences Library Total
In the University Faculty Members 8,518 14,690 23,208
Students 253,876 190,750 444,626
General Public 19,075 8,799 27,874
Average Number of Visitors per day 866.1 633.8 1499.9
Number of Open Days 325 338 -