Department of Nursing Outcome Management

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●Research Outline                                             

  In our department, we are conducting research on nursing outcomes management, and nursing as caring theory for knowing the patient and family using multivariate, quantitative analysis and qualitative research methods.

  Specifically, we conduct studies dedicated to the "clarification of characteristics of autonomic nervous activity of older adults with dementia", "analysis of characteristics of healthy older adults living in the community," and through the mixed-method research process, the considering of "support methods for older adults". In the past 16 years since 2004, we have conducted and collaborated with other researchers in nursing and other disciplines to continue studies on robots for supporting older adult care. Collaborating with engineering researchers and rehabilitation researchers to form an interdisciplinary team resulted in the quite essential book on "NURSING ROBOTS " published from the disciplinary perspective of nursing.

  In 2017, Dr. Tanioka developed the "Transactive Relationship Theory of Nursing (TRETON) : A Nursing Engagement Model for Persons and Humanoid Nursing Robots." As an essential contribution to Japanese health and welfare care addressing Japan’s social problems with the declining birth rate and aging population, we are concentrating on particular issues on ways to improve quality of health through Caring in Nursing. Older adults who are mentally ill are provided with the quality healthcare that is informed by the knowledge of transactive relationships between and among human beings, humanoid robots and healthcare providers.



  Following research studies were funded by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research <KAKENHI>: "Humanoid robots for nursing-use (Yrs. 2003–2006 , 2010-2015 )", "Required functions for nursing robots (Yrs. 2012-2017 , 2017-2022 )", "Ethical and legal issues when using robots (Yrs. 2019-2023 )", and "Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing (2017-2020 ) ".

  From 2017 to present, our research team/group have been conducting research trials in clinical settings using "Kenko Okoku for Pepper (XING INC, 2016)," and collaborating with XING INC (Japan) in order to support older adult care and rehabilitation. These research studies focus on the development of nursing caring methods and rehabilitation processes for older adults cooperate with humanoid dialogue robots.

Figure.2-HRs,HNRs and its future development.jpg


  Fig.【Health care robots, humanoid nurse robots and its future development】

Source:Tanioka, T., Osaka, K., Locsin, R., Yasuhara, Y. Ito, H. (2017) Recommended Design and Direction of Development for Humanoid Nursing Robots Perspective from Nursing Researchers. Intelligent Control and Automation, 8, 96-110. doi: 10.4236/ica.2017.82008.

(Joint R&D partners: Kagawa University, Kochi University, Tokushima Bunri University, Fujita Medical University, Tokai University, Florida Atlantic University, XING INC etc.)

●What’s New                                                     

  • 2019.11.26-27:Dr. Tetsuya Tanioka was invited as guest speaker at the International Synthetic Partnerships in Advancing Research, Knowledge, and Service (SPARKS). It was a momentous occasion that featured his research program and burgeoning research agenda. It was also encouraging to witness the recognition of Ms. Youko Nakano, a PhD student who won 2nd Place in this same international conference. 
  • 2019.10.29:It was with great pleasure and honor to have Ms. Betriana Feni, as PhD student who had won the 2019 Tokushima Bioscience Retreat Young Researcher Encouragement Award.
  • 2018.8.202nd Technological Competency as Caring in the Health Sciences2018

Past topics


●Major research theme                                       

Studies on knowing the patient and family in nursing

1. Clarification of relationships between Nursing Robot and Caring in Nursing

2. Research of ethico-legal issues on humanoid health care robots

3. Clarification of the theory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing (Locsin, 2005)

4. Research on relationships between sleep/activity conditions and autonomic nervous function (among children and elderly persons with dementia)

Studies on nursing quality and outcomes management promote quality and safety improvements through various activities

5. Development of the Psychiatric Outcome Management System(PSYCHOMS®)(Registered trademark, Tanioka, Takasaka, Ren, Nagamine)

6. Development of safe and effective intramuscular injection technique for the antipsychotic intramuscular long-acting injectable

7. Improving the quality of healthcare and nursing services in hospitals

●Research achievements                                      


  • メディカルスタッフのための精神医学(仮称) 中外医学社
  • 『Nursing Robots - Robotic Technology and Human Caring for the Elderly-』
  • 『第4版 現代の看護におけるケアリングとしての技術力実践のためのモデル』
  • 『PSYCHOMS®、精神科電子アウトカム管理システムの開発』
  • 『ケアリングとしての看護 -新しい実践のためのモデル』 


  • 2014 Japanese Patent Application No. 2014-027711: NURSING CARE MANAGEMENT ANALYZER AND PROGRAM (Inventor: Tetsuya Tanioka, Yuko Yasuhara (Sakama), Misao Miyagawa, Hirokazu Ito)
  • 2013 Japanese Patent Application No. 2013-202272: NURSING SUMMARY CREATION DEVICE AND PROGRAM. (Inventor: Tetsuya Tanioka, Yuko Yasuhara (Sakama), Misao Miyagawa, Hirokazu Ito)
  • 2005 Registered trademark: “PSYCHOMS” Number 505251200: Outcome Management Software in Psychiatric Hospitals (Inventor: Yoichiro Takasaka, Tetsuya Tanioka, Nakagawa Fuji, Isao Nagamine)
  • 2001 Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-366849 (P2001-366849): WALK SUPPORTING MACHINE FOR PATIENT OF PARKINSON SYNDROME AND REHABILITATION EFFECT CONFIRMING METHOD FOR PATIENT OF PARKINSON SYNDROME (Inventor: Yoshihiro Kai, Yoshio Inoue, Kenji Ishida, Tetsuya Tanioka) (2007.10.5 Registration『Parkinson's syndrome patients for walking support machine』Japanese Patent No. 4019119)

Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Clarification of relationships between Nursing Robot and Caring in Nursing

2. Research of ethico-legal issues on humanoid health care robots

3. Clarification of the theory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing 

4. Research on relationships between sleep/activity conditions and autonomic nervous function (among children and elderly persons with dementia)

5. Development of the Psychiatric Outcome Management System(PSYCHOMS®)

6. Development of safe and effective intramuscular injection technique for the antipsychotic intramuscular long-acting injectable

7. Improving the quality of healthcare and nursing services in hospitals

Doctoral thesis

●Laboratory introduction                                    


Professor Tetsuya Tanioka, RN; PhD, FAAN     EDB

  Professor Tanioka considers the importance of collaborative research, particularly forming an interdisciplinary research team. As evidence, currently, he has conducted joint research endeavors with Japanese and foreign universities, hospitals, and various research institutes, including those of Pharmaceutical companies. He believes that the most important consideration for successful interdisciplinary collaborative research is "cooperation and compassion". In his laboratory, he has developed research systems in cooperation with Associate Professor Yasuhara in order to attain valuable outcomes.  His career development started after working in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, studying Nursing while working at the hospital, pursuing university and graduate school degrees. He uses the motto "making one's best exertions" which he learned from his teacher in his high school. 

 Regarding his style of teaching especially on manuscript-writing and on multivariate quantitative statistical analysis, he is like a car driver education instructor whose perspective is led by the question, "Why don't you study and research with us?"

International activities    (Speech of International conference)

  Prof. Tetsuya Tanioka, RN, PhD; FAAN was inducted as Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) Class of 2013. This fellowship is one of the highest honors given to nurse scholars, theoreticians and researchers in the USA and internationally. The Academy is composed of more than 2,000 nurse leaders in education, management, practice, policy, and research. The Academy Fellows include hospital and government administrators, college deans, and renowned scientific researchers. In 2013 Fellows represented all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 19 countries. 

  From 2020, he became a board member of the Anne Boykin Institute for the Advancement of Caring in Nursing (ABI) (Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University).

・Biosketch   Tetsuya Tanioka, RN; PhD, FAAN

       Professor of Nursing, Department of Nursing Outcome Management,

 Dr. Tanioka earned his Ph.D. from Kochi University of Technology, Japan (2002), PhD in Nursing, St. Paul University Philippines (2021), his MSN, from Graduate School, St. Paul University Philippines (2018), M.A. from Shikoku Gakuin University (1999), and BEd. from Meisei University Japan (1997). Following graduation from Kochi Prefectural Nursing School and licensure as Registered Nurse (1988), he worked for 11 years in the Psychiatric Hospital in Japan. He found his passion for nursing research focused on studying human technologies, integrating science and technology within the perspective of nursing caring science. He continues to contribute immensely towards the clarification of technological competency as caring in nursing, and create high quality care processes within varying technological environments. His continuing engagement in nursing towards enhancing interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors for nursing is focused on caring, exemplified as the integration of science and technology through research on human technologies, practice and education. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of the open journal Health, the International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Nursing Practice, the Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences, the International Journal for Human Caring, and the Journal of Health and Caring Sciences. One of his international recognition is as Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). Dr. Tanioka was visiting scholar at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University, and visiting professor of St. Paul University Philippines. He is known for his Transactive Relationship Theory of Nursing (TRETON): A Nursing Engagement Model for Persons and Humanoid Nursing Robots, and the electronic health administration system entitled, Psychiatric Outcome Management System (PSYCHOMS®). His most recent book "Nursing Robots" for the elderly was released in March 2017.

Associate Professor of Nursing Yuko Yasuhara, RN; PhD   EDB

 After working as a nurse in Kobe city, and studying at the graduate school, Associate Professor Yasuhara worked at the University of Tokushima. Now she is conducting a variety of research studies contributing to better outcomes in cooperation with Professor Tanioka.  In addition, her master's thesis and PhD paper are about the relationship between sleep/activities and patients' quality of life (QOL): and Understanding of QOL of state after discharge from hospital for patients with ischemic heart disease. 

Research studies such as these are often results of discussions of members of Professor Tanioka’s laboratory. 

 Let's learn the fun of studying!

International activities

 Yuko Yasuhara, RN; PhD. Associate Professor of Nursing was selected as the recipient of the Bronze Award at the First International Nursing Conference (Cebu City, Philippines) for her research entitled, “Care for Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease.” She received the Best Poster Award for her research on the “Qualitative Assessment Indicators for Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease” at the 7th International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering (NLPKE'11) in 2011.

 2018.3.30    Congratulations on winning the award! It was with great pleasure that Dr. Yasuhara had won the Dean of Institute of Biomedical Sciences Award. We believe the award resulted from her amazing efforts and passion.

・Bioscketch  Yuko Yasuhara, RN; PhD

Associate Professor of Nursing, Department of Nursing Outcome Management

  Dr. Yasuhara has received her Ph.D. degree from Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare in 2013, her M.S.N. and B.S.N from Kobe City College of Nursing University, in 2003 and 2001 respectively. She was educated at the School of Nursing, Kobe City Junior College of Nursing and licensed as R.N., in 1993; she worked as a staff nurse at the Nishi-Kobe Medical Center in Japan from 1993 to 2000. At Tokushima University, she worked as an assistant from 2003, becoming an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, Graduate School of Health Biosciences, The University of Tokushima, in 2007 and 2013 respectively. Her research especially focuses on sleep and activity with people, care for patients with ischemic heart disease, safety in intramuscular injection technique, and caring in nursing. 

Impression of the laboratory from a graduate student

 Undergraduate and graduate students can discuss each student’s research focus during seminars at our laboratory. We are all interested in the same field of study, but are of different ages and have different nursing and research careers. Therefore, we can deepen our knowledge and research competence with relationships between and among teachers and students.

  Our teachers, Drs. Tanioka and Yasuhara give us proper guidance in order to advance research and write scientific manuscripts. We have the chance to present research study outcomes at national and international conferences or submit our manuscripts to key disciplinary, scientific, and academic journals in the English-language. You can see the various research foci, their results, and publications in our laboratory.

  Teachers and senior graduate students lead us to attain certain accomplishments when faced with challenges in our research.

  Sometimes we hold dinner parties to encourage socialization, sharing interesting observations which often lead to productive research projects. Our laboratory is a collegial place where we can grow as researchers and respectable persons.    

Students of our laboratory【2020】

Graduate Schools Master of Nursing Science       2 students

Graduate Schools  Doctor of Philosophy(Health Science)3 students

Undergraduate   Bachelor of Nursing                 2 students

Research Student of Multivariable Analysis Method Dojo   2 students

●Place of employment of graduates                                            

Tokushima University Hospital, Tokushima University, Tokushima Bunri University, Shikoku University, and Private Hospitals


Please direct all correspondence to me at the following address:

Tetsuya Tanioka, RN; MA, MSN, Ph.D., FAAN

Professor, Department of Nursing Outcome Management,Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Tokushima University, Graduate School, 18-15 Kuramoto-Cho 3, Tokushima, 770-8509, Japan

Phone and Fax +81-88-633-9021

Dr. Tetsuya  

Dr. Yuko