A Message from the Dean



Prof. Yasuhiko Kawamura


Dean of Faculty of Engineering,
Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science,
Institute of Technology and Science,
Tokushima University 


It is my great pleasure to introduce our engineering department. The respective numbers of students and teachers of the Faculty and the Graduate School are the biggest in Shikoku region. We have produced a large number of excellent engineers, technologists and researchers who have been employed by well known enterprises, research institutes, universities and so on.

Considering modern advances of learning, social demands, social conditions and so forth, the Faculty of Engineering offers a very wide range of studies in engineering, focusing on “creativity”, “innovation”, and "globalization". It is particularly emphasized that five departments out of our seven departments have been authorized by JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) which is an internationally recognized third-party accreditation body.

The Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science have a strong commitment to a variety of advanced graduate studies in engineering and a high-level research. After completing a six-year continuous educational program consisting of four-year undergraduate programs and two-year graduate programs, the graduates have enough potential to become excellent technologists. The graduates who have finished the Ph.D. programs have a potential to pursue various carriers in all fields of engineering.

All faculty members (ca. 190 professors) joining in the Institute of Technology and Science are responsible for teaching undergraduate students in engineering. They have a distinctive vitality and make excellent research activities in diverse fields of engineering.

The undergraduate programs are organized by seven departments and by a Center for Mathematics and Physics in Engineering Education covering three main fields. The seven departments are Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Science and Technology, Biological Science and Technology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Science and Intelligent Systems, and Optical Science and Technology.

I believe that this guide becomes a good aid to learn educational details, a wide range of research, contribution to society, and international exchange, all performed by the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Advanced Technology and Science, Tokushima University.