Chemical Science and Technology

Chemical Science and Technology



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This page provides summaries of faculty research interests. The Department of Chemical Science and Technology is deeply devoted to both education and research in a variety of areas in chemistry and chemical technology.


Synthetic and Polymer Chemistry

  • Heterocyclic synthesis, Development of agrichemicals
    (M. Nishiuchi)
  • Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Characterization
    (K. Ute, T.Hirano, M.Oshimura)
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry
    (Y.Imada, K.Minagawa, Y.Arakawa, F.Yagishita)


Physicochemical and Material Science

  • Separation analysis, Physicochemical characterization, Electroanalytical chemistry,Applied analytical chemistry
    (T.Takayanagi, H.Mizuguchi)
  • Solid state chemistry under high pressure, Crystal Growth & Crystallography, Solution chemistry
    (H.Okamura, Y.Suzuki, K.Yoshida, N.Noguchi)
  • Biosensor, Functional nanomaterials
    (M.Yasuzawa, M.Kurashina)


Chemical Process Engineering

  • Functional Inorganic Materials Science
    (T. Moriga, K.Murai)
  • Adsorption science, Separation Engineering
  • Catalyst science, Resource recycling
    (S.Sugiyama, N.Shimoda)
  • Separation engineering