Graduate School of Technology,Industrial and Social Sciences

The Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences was inaugurated in April 2017 by combining the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Technology, and the Graduate School of Bioscience and Bioin-dustry. This Graduate School is an organization that will be a home to the educators and researchers of the Josanjima Campus. Last April saw a significant reorganization of the undergraduate school, and now we’re working to reorganize the graduate school. Academic staff belonging to the new Graduate School are engaged in education by external assignment to the undergraduate school and education departments (graduate school of Master’s and Doctor’s programs).

We have revised this organizational structure to eliminate the ambiguity of the positioning of the research departments associ-ated with the prioritization of the graduate school. We have clari-fied the education, research, and teacher organizations and estab-lished an organization where the research organization can be structured flexibly according to changing times, social needs, and research themes. Japan has long been a mature society, and the population is increasingly aging. People around the world have a sense of anticipation about what the next generation of Japan will create from the tradition established by our ancestors. Advances in artificial intelligence have recently gained attention in the media, and while it may impinge on the dreams of humankind, the creation of new value is required to solve global issues. The Gradu-ate School will continue to challenge the frontiers of culture, learn-ing, and industry with the integration of dissimilar fields, coopera-tion, global, social implementation and so on as keywords, on the firm foundation of Divisions of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Bioscience and Bioindustry.