Campus Map


Shinkura Campus

Shinkura Campus Map
  • 1.Central Administration Office
  • 2.Shinkura-Kaikan


Jyosanjima Campus

  • 1.Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences
    Institute of Socio-Arts and Sciences
  • 2.Faculty of Engineering
    Institute of Technology and Science
  • 3.University Library
  • 4.Center for University Extension
  • 5.Center for Administration of Information Technology
  • 6.Research Center for Management of Disaster and Environment
  • 7.Department for the Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
  • 8.Health Service and Counseling Center
  • 9.Athletic Field
  • 10.Gymnasium
  • 11.Regional and International Exchange Hall
    (Glocal Communication Hall)


Kuramoto Campus

Kuramoto Campus Map
  • 1.Faculty of Medicine
  • 2.Faculty of Dentisty
  • 3.Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    1,2,3,Institute of Biomedical Sciences
  • 4.University Hospital
  • 5.Institute for Enzyme Research
  • 6.Institute for Genome Research
  • 7.Institute for Medicinal Research
  • 8.Institute for Animal Experimentation
  • 9.Life Sciences Library
  • 10.Otsuka Memorial University Auditorium
  • 11.Nagai Memorial Hall
  • 12.Gymnasium
  • 13.Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences