Health Service and Counseling Center


The Health Service and Counseling Center offers health and medical care and consultation services for students and staff, emerging as a new organization in January 2014 through the integration of the Health Service Center and Student and Staff Counseling Office. The Center comprises the Health Service Division providing health and medical care, and the Student and Staff Counseling Division which offers consultation services. They cooperate to provide services related to mental health. Main activities


  • 1) Periodic and special health examinations
  • 2) Daily care and health guidance
  • 3) Issuing health examination certificates, medical certificates, referral forms and other certificates
  • 4) Preventive medicine such as vaccinations and antibody titer
  • 5) Industrial medical practice and health and safety
  • 6) Education and research concerning health
  • 7) Aid activities at entrance examinations, marathons and various events
  • 8) Counseling and mental health care
  • 9) General counseling concerning student life
  • 10) Work and lifestyle counseling for administrative staff
  • 11) Counseling concerning human rights