徳島大学の理念は、有為な人材の育成と学術研究を推進することにより、人類の福祉と文化の向上に資するため、自主・自律の精神に基づき、真理の探究と知の創造に努め、卓越した学術及び文化を継承し、世界に開かれた大学として豊かで健全な未来社会の実現に貢献することにあります。 徳島大学日亜会館は、日亜化学工業株式会社のご寄附により開設され、徳島大学が進める地域連携・国際交流の拠点として位置づけられるものです。そして、「ガレリア新蔵」では、徳島大学の沿革や教育研究活動を紹介しています。徳島大学では、この有効活用を図ることで、「知を創り、地域に生き、世界に羽ばたく徳島大学」として、発展を目ざしています。

野地 澄晴


Tokushima University, an academic juridical institution, was established in May 1949 as one of Japan's national universities and has a history of more than half a century. It consists of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences based on the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences; the Graduate School of Technology,Industrial and Social Sciences based on the Faculty of Science and Tecnology, integrated, Bioscience and Bioindusry; and various institutes and centers for cooperative research and education.
The university aims to contribute to enhancing mankind's culture and welfare by training human resources and promoting academic studies, to strive for the pursuit of truth and creation of knowledge on the basis of a spirit of independence, and to inherit our outstanding science, technology, and culture. Our university is open to the world, and we are doing our best to create a rich and peaceful society for the future.
NICHIA-KAIKAN, which was founded with a donation from NICHIA CORPORATION, will play a key role in regional collaboration and international exchange, which our university is promoting In "Galleria Shinkura",we exhibit the research and educational activities of our university as well as history. By making efficient use of it, Tokushima University aims to fulfill its motto of "creating knowledge, serving locally, and taking large steps towards becoming an internationally recognized university."

April 2016
Sumihare Noji