Academic Calendar (Apr.2019-Mar.2020)


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DateEvents for the Faculty of Engineering


April 1 (Mon.) ~ April 5 (Fri.) First Semester begins・Spring Break

April 2 (Tue.) ~ April 5 (Fri.)

Online Class Registration Period
April 5 (Fri.) Deadline for Class Registration
April 8 (Mon.) First Semester Classes Begin・First Quarter Bigins
April 8 (Mon.) ~ April 19 (Fri.) Online Drop/Add Period
April 8 (Mon.) ~ April 17 (Wed.) Health Check-Up for Current Students
April 19 (Fri.) Deadline for Drop/Add Classes
June 1 (Sat.) Spare Day
June 3 (Mon.)~June 21 (Fri.) Second Quarter Drop/Add period
June 10 (Mon.) First Quarter Ends
June 11 (Tue.) Second Quarter Begins
July 16 (Tue.) Makeup Day for Monday's Classes (Monday's Schedule)
July 27 (Sat.) Spare Day
August 2 (Fri.) There are specialized classes in the morning only.(Afternoon classes are cancelled.)
August 5 (Mon.) There are specialized classes in the afternoon only.(Morning classes are cancelled.)
August 7 (Wed.)

Specialized classes in the morning are Make up for Monday's.(Monday's classes in the morning.)

Specialized classes in the afternoon are Make up for Friday's.(Friday's classes in the afternoon.)

August 7 (Wed.) Second Quarter Ends
August 8 (Thu.)~August 31 (Sat.)  Summer Break
September 24 (Tue.) ~ September 30 (Mon.) Online Class Registration Period
September 30 (Mon.) Deadline for Class Registration
September 30 (Mon.) First Semester Ends
October 1 (Tue.) Second Semester Begins
October 1 (Tue.) Second Semester Classes Begin ・ Third Quarter Begins
October 1 (Tue.) ~ October 15 (Tue.) Online Drop/Add Period
October 15 (Tue.) Deadline for Drop/Add Classes
October 15 (Tue.) Makeup Day for Monday's Classes (Monday's Schedule)
October 23 (Wed.) Makeup Day for Tuesday's Classes (Tuesday's Schedule)
November 2 (Sat.) Anniversary of Tokushima University
November 2 (Sat.) ~ November 3 (Sun.) Campus Festival
November 7 (Thu.) Make up Day for Monday's Classes (Monday's Schedule)
November 22 (Fri.)~December 12 (Thu.) Fourth Quarter Drop/Add Period
November 23 (Sat.) Spare Day
November 28 (Thu.) Third Quarter Ends
November 29 (Fri.) Fourth Quarter Begins
December 25 (Wed.) ~ January 7 (Tue.) Winter Break
January 17 (Fri.) Campus Closed for Setting National Center Entrance Examination Site
January 18 (Sat.) ~ January 19 (Sun.) National Center Entrance Examination
February 1 (Sat.) Spare Day
February 10 (Mon.) Fourth Quarter Ends
February 25 (Tue.) First Entrance Examination
March 12 (Thu.) Second Entrance Examination
March 23 (Mon.) Graduation Ceremony
March 25 (Wed.) ~ March 31 (Tue.) End-of-the-Year Break
March 31 (Tue.) Second Semester Ends