Scholarships for International Students

International students can get Japanese government scholarships and nongovernmental scholarships offered by private organizations. Please consult the International Affairs Division for details.


Monbukagakusho Scholarships

There are two different types of governmental scholarships provided by Monbukagakusho. Please note that the selection procedures and requiremeuts are different.


Recommendation by a Japanese Embassy

Diplomatic establishments of the Japanese Government in foreign countries select candidates for the scholarship by the results of three tests: screening test, written test, and an interview. Then, they are recommended to Monbukagakusho, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Finally, Monbukagakusho selects candidates for the scholarship.
For more details, please contact the Japanese diplomatic office abroad nearest to you.


Recommendation by the University

  • For New International Applicants to the University


Foreign graduate students with excellent academic records can be selected as candidates for the scholarship on the basis of exchange agreements made between foreign universities and Tokushima University.
After Tokushima University recommends candidates to Monbukagakusho, Monbukagakusho finally selects the recipients of the scholarship.


  • For Self-supported International Students Already Enrolled in the University


Self-supported students with excellent records who are enrolled in graduate courses or are in the last year of undergraduate courses in Japan are recommended to Monbukagakusho after selection by their universities. Recipients for the scholarship are finally selected by Monbukagakusho.
NOTE: Currently the recruitment of this scholarship is suspended.


Scholarships For Self-Supported International Students

  1. Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

    This is for full-time students who are recognized as excellent students, require financial assistance while they are enrolled in universities and wish to work in Japan after graduation.

    (NOTE) The third and fourth year undergraduate students, the first and second year master's students, and the second and third year Ph.D. students are eligible.

     Allowance: 48,000 Yen/month (FY 2021)


  2. Scholarship Fund of Tokushima University

    (1) "Tokushima University Fund for International Education and Research Exchanges" and "Fujii-Otsuka Fund for International Education and Research Exchanges" support international students who require financial assistance. Eligibility: international students enrolled in university at their own expenses.
      ・Tokushima University Fund for International Education and Research Exchange
           Allowance: 30,000 Yen/month or 45,000 Yen/month (FY 2021)
         ・Fujii-Otsuka Fund for International Education and Research Exchange
          Allowance: 30,000 Yen/month or 48,000 Yen/month (FY2021)

    (2) "The Tokushima University School of Dentistry Scholarship Fund" supports international students enrolled in the School of Dentistry, who require financial assistance. Eligibility: international students enrolled in the School of Dentistry at their own expenses (excluding international students sent by foreign governments).

    Allowance : up to 30,000 Yen/month


  3. Scholarships by Private Scholarship Organizations

    These scholarships are granted by private scholarship organizations to international students studying at their own expense.

    Since these scholarships are managed by private organizations respectively, they have their own recruitment methods, selection processes, and payment conditions. Please ask at the International Office for more details after matriculation.


Exemption of Tuition for Self-Supported International Students

International students in regular courses (except undergraduate students, students sent by foreign governments, research students and auditors), who study at their own expense, can be partly exempted from the tuition within the limit of the budget, if they have financial difficulties and are recognized as excellent students.


Updated on: 2021.10.27