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The Center for Research Administration & Collaboration comprises the Intellectual Property and legal Department, the Innovation Department, and the Research Administration Department. It serves as the general point of contact for research support and industry, academia and government cooperation with Tokushima University.


The Center for Research Administration & Collaboration was established in April 2015 to support research and to coordinate academic-industrial cooperation, strengthening Tokushima University's research and academic-industrial cooperation fields. Until now, the Project Management Office has undertaken research support while the Department for the Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration has undertaken academic-industrial cooperation. But with the merger of these two organizations and with the collaboration of the Tokushima University Research Strategy Office, we will achieve synergy and a nimble organization.


Intellectual Property and legal Department

The Department offers various consultation services and support for the management and licensing of the university's intellectual property. Also, to fulfil its responsibility to the international community, the university has established regulations for security export control, for safe exchanges without interfering with the university's education and research activities. The Department also oversees the management of conflicts of interest, confidentiality contracts covering faculty and student research findings, and so on.


Innovation Promotion Department

The aim of the Department is to train adults in the practical onsite skills and management strategy skills required at manufacturing businesses through personnel development of technical staff at small and medium-size enterprises, the development of technical education programs, lectures and so on.


Research Administration Department (URA Department)

The Office strongly promotes interdisciplinary research based on local needs. We aim to establish a research support organization that will enable Tokushima to develop sustainably as a research university.

Main activities

・Support and promote research and development projects decided by the Research Strategy Head Office
・Support for obtaining external funding for research and development
・Support for research and development projects for young staff
・Planning and implementation of professional development programs concerning research support




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