Academic Calendar (Apr.2018-Mar.2019)


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DateEvents for the Faculty of Engineering


April 1 (Sun.) ~ April 5 (Thu.) First Semester begins・Spring Break
April 3 (Tue.) ~ April 6 (Fri.) Online Class Registration Period
April 6 (Fri.) Deadline for Class Registration
April 9 (Mon.) First Semester Classes Begin・First Quarter Bigins
April 9 (Mon.) ~ April 20 (Fri.) Online Drop/Add Period
April 9 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Wed.) Health Check-Up for Current Students
April 20 (Fri.) Deadline for Drop/Add Classes
May 1 (Tue.) Makeup Day (Monday's Schedule)
May 2 (Wed.) Makeup Day (Friday's Schedule)
May 26 (Sat.) Spare Day
May 28 (Mon.) First Quarter Ends (Monday)
June 1 (Fri.) ~ June 21 (Thu.) Second Quarter Drop/Add period
June 4 (Mon.) Second Quarter Begins (Monday)
June 7 (Thu.) First Quarter Ends (Except Monday)
June 8 (Fri.) Second Quarter Begins (Except Monday)
July 28 (Sat.) Spare Day
August 2 (Thu.) Second Quarter Ends
August 3 (Fri.) ~ August 31 (Fri.) Summer Break
September 25 (Tue.) ~ September 28 (Fri.) Online Class Registration Period
September 28 (Fri.) Deadline for Class Registration
September 30 (Sun.) First Semester Ends
October 1 (Mon.) Second Semester Begins
October 1 (Mon.) Second Semester Classes Begin ・ Third Quarter Begins
October 1 (Mon.) ~ October 12 (Fri.) Online Drop/Add Period
October 9 (Tue.) Makeup Day (Monday's Schedule)
October 12 (Fri.) Deadline for Drop/Add Classes
November 2 (Fri.) Anniversary of Tokushima University (There are classes.)
November 3 (Sat.) ~ November 4 (Sun.) Campus Festival
November 7 (Wed.) Make up Day (Friday's Schedule)
November 9 (Fri.) No classes (Because of Pre exam for entrance exam)
November 17 (Sat.) Spare Day
November 19 (Mon.) Third Quarter Ends (Monday)
November 22 (Thu.) Make up Day (Friday's Schedule)
November 22 (Thu.) ~ December 13 (Thu.) Fourth Quarter Drop/Add Period
November 26 (Mon.) Fourth Quarter Begins (Monday)
November 29 (Thu.) Third Quarter Ends (Except Monday)
November 30 (Fri.) Fourth Quarter Begins (Except Monday)
December 25 (Tue.) ~ January 6 (Sun.) Winter Break
January 18 (Fri.) Campus Closed for Setting National Center Entrance Examination Site
January 19 (Sat.) ~ January 20 (Sun.) National Center Entramce Examination
February 2 (Sat.) Spare Day
February 8 (Fri.) Fourth Quarter Ends
February 25 (Mon.) First Entrance Examination
March 12 (Tue.) Second Entrance Examination
March 22 (Fri.) Graduation Ceremony
March 25 (Mon.) ~ March 31 (Sun.) End-of-the-Year Break
March 31 (Sun.) Second Semester Ends