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Students are required to pay an entrance examination fee at the time of application, an enrollment fee at the time of registration, and a tuition fee within a given period of time.Payments are due before and after admission.




Eamination Fee

Enrollment FeeTuition Fee
Undergraduate Student 17,000 Yen 282,000 Yen 535,800 Yen / year
Graduate Student 30,000 Yen 282,000 Yen 535,800 Yen / year
Research Student 9,800 Yen 84,600 Yen 29,700 Yen
Auditor 9,800 Yen 28,200 Yen 14,800 Yen / credit


Undergraduate School

Privately-Financed Foreign Students Admission(529KB)


Graduate School

Master Program

Master Cource 2014(12.4MBytes)

Master Cource 2013 October(12.4MBytes)

Master Course 2014(597KB)


Doctor Program

Doctoral Course 2014(5.29MBytes)

Doctoral Course 2013 October(5.29MBytes)

Doctoral Course 2014(548KB)

Doctoral Course 2013(770KB)


Special Admission

Research Students(154KB)

Research Students(301KB)

Credited Auditors (Faculty)(49KB)

Credited Auditors (Faculty)(127KB)

Credited Auditors (Graduate School)(51KB)

Credited Auditors (Graduate School)(129KB)


Contact address

Student Affairs section (Gakumu-Gakari)
2-1,Minamijyousanjima-cho,Tokushima 770-8506, JAPAN