Laboratories and Facilities

Education Building

  • 1F

    Practice Room 1

    Practice Room 2

    Computer Room



  • 2F

    Lecture Room 1

    Practice Room 3


    Conference Room


  • 3F

    Lecture Room 2

    Lecture Room 3

    Animal Care Room


  • Information Praza


  • Studio And Praza


Clinical Research Building B

  • 5F

    Medical Pharmacology

    Molecular Cell Biology and Medicine

    Pharmaceutical Information Science

Research Building

  • 1F

    Administration and Governance, Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Frontier Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Sciemces

    Central Research Laboratory



  • 2F

    Seminar Room 1~4 

    Lecture Room 4

    Clinical Pharmacology

    Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics



  • 3F

    Pharmacology for Life Sciences
    Clinical Pharmacy Practice Pedagogy
    Pharmaceutical Health Chemistry


  • 4F
    Bioorganic Chemistry

    Instruments Room

    Low Temperature Room 1

    Analytical Sciences

    Theoretical Chemistry for Drug Discovery



  • 5F



    Seminar Room 5

    Physical Pharmacy

    Neurobiology and Therapeutics



  • 6F

    Molecular Medicinal Chemistry

    Low Temperature Room 2

    Seminar Room 6

    Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

    Bioorganic Synthetic Chemistry



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