Nutrition and Bioscience



The Graduate School of Nutrition offers two-year master’s and three-year doctoral program (Ph.D.), and also provides an international curriculum taught all in English.

As the only nutritional program attached to a medical school in Japan, we are committed to producing the world's best researchers who are able to address urgent issues in the nutritional field.


Our front-line research themes include the following:

  1. Molecular mechanisms of nutritional homeostasis in health and disease,
  2. Regulatory mechanisms of phosphate, glucose, and amino acid transport,
  3. Development of functional foods that control stress, metabolism, immunity and improve QOL,
  4. Astronutrition in collaboration with JAXA and NASA,
  5. Development of anti-polyubiquitinated peptide and flavonoid for anti-aging and maintenance of muscle-skeletal function. 


As part of our internationalization initiative, we have started international collaborative research on nutritional epidemiology with Tufts University (USA), the institutes of national health of Italy and Vietnam, and Yonsei University (Korea), and we are exchanging graduate students with these institutions. 




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