School of Medical Nutrition



In view of the importance of nutrition in promoting health, the former Japanese Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health decided to establish a center for education and research in nutrition science in the national university system. Tokushima University was chosen to be the site of the new School of Nutrition in 1964. Since then, the School has trained many leading nutrition scientists as well as practicing nutritionists. The School is now recognized as the leading institution in nutritional science in Japan.

The School of Nutrition admits 50 undergraduate students annually and offers a four-year education program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. In 2014, the School of Nutrition reached the 50th anniversary from the foundation. We also reorganized it from “the School of Nutrition” to “the School of Medical Nutrition”. We would like to grow up nutritional scientists or clinical dietician on the issues based on medical field. Then, the School set up a new department, named “Department of Nutritional Therapy”.

Now the School has eight departments with specialties ranging from molecular nutrition to clinical and public health nutrition. Students receive training in clinical nutrition in association with the University Hospital.


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