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Tokushima Prefectural Medical College was established in 1943 supported by the earnest desire of the community for medical doctors in the island of Shikoku. In accordance with extensive reforms of the Japanese educational system after World War II , the College was incorporated into the newly established University of Tokushima School of Medicine in 1979.

Since then, the School has been developing steadily to provide excellence and leadership in medical education, research and service. The School was the only medical school in Shikoku until 1973.

The School of Medicine admits 114 undergraduate students annually and offers a six-year education program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine. The curriculum covers a wide area of basic and clinical medicine in addition to the university-wide programs of general education. The School is closely linked to our principal teaching hospital, Tokushima University Hospital, which is the largest hospital (696 beds) in Tokushima, equipped with modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment.




A memorial to Emeritus Professor Tokurou Nakata (1884-1952), a founder of School of Medicine. He was the first President of Tokushima University


Anatomy practice using computer softwares


Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE)


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