School of Health Sciences



On October 1, 2001, the Junior College of School of Medical Sciences was incorporated into the Faculty of Medicine. The School of Health Sciences aims to train future staff who can support advanced and specialized medical treatment, according to the needs of national health, medical care and welfare. The School of Health Sciences, comprising three majors in Nursing, Radiologic Science, and Laboratory Science, admits 124 undergraduate students annually and offers a four-year education program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Nursing or Health Science.

The Major in Nursing includes departments of Fundamental Nursing, Adult & Gerontological Nursing, Maternal & Pediatric Nursing, and Community & Psychiatric Nursing. The Major in Radiologic Science has departments of Radiologic Science & Engineering and Radiologic Technology. The Major in Laboratory Science has departments of Functional Laboratory Science and Morphological Laboratory Science. The School provides basic and clinical courses in each specialty in addition to university-wide programs of general education.




Nursing students practicing basic

procedures in nursing arts

Students tarining for CT

Students examining human tissues

with microscopes





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