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Main Research Areas

  • Mechanisms of transposition of non-LTR retrotransposon
  • Structure of zinc-finger type transcription factor
  • Structure-based drug design


A brand-new X-ray analysis system Rigaku FR-E+ (left)

Endonuclease domain of retrotransposon (R1Bm)(right)

A brand-new X-ray analysis system Rigaku FR-E+ (left)
Endonuclease domain of retrotransposon (R1Bm)(right)


Research Projects

In the post-genomic era, the elucidation of physiological roles of proteins is of utmost importance. To address the issue, we use the x-ray crystallographic approaches to solve the protein structure, and to elucidate how the proteins work and/or interact with other proteins/subunits. With one of the brightest in-house x-ray generators available (Rigaku FR-E+), we try to promote our own studies on various fields of life sciences as well as collaborative studies with other groups within and outside of the university.



Associate Professor Nobuo Maita Associate Professor
Nobuo Maita
Nobuo Maita
TEL : 088-633-9414
E-mail : nmaita@ier.tokushima-u.ac.jp



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