Visiting Professors /Visiting Associate Professor

Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors Ishimura Department of Biochemistry, Keio University School of Medicine 1997.4.1-1998.3.31
Dr.Kohei MIyazono Division of Biochemistry, Cancer Institute, aner Foundation 1998.4.1-1999.3.31
Prof.Yoshiyasu Watanabe Department of Physiology, Osaka City University Division of Neuroscience, Osaka BioScience Institute Head 1999.4.1-2000.3.31
Prof.Eiki Kominami Department of Biochemistry, Juntendo University Medical School 2000.4.1-2001.3.31
Dr.Hisaaki Taniguchi Harima Institute at SPring-8, RIKEN 2001.4.1-2002.3.31
Dr.Syunsuke Ishii RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) 2002.4.1-
Prof. Hideaki Tsuge Tokushima Bunri Univ. 2003.4.1-2009.3.31
Dr. Kenji Kangawa National Cardiovascular Center 2004.4.1-2006.3.31
Prof. Hiroshi Seino Univ.Tokyo 2006.4.1-2007.3.31
Prof. Seiki Kuramitsu Osaka Univ. 2007.4.1-2008.3.31
Dr. Nobuaki Wakamatsu Aichi Prefectural Colony 2008.4.1-2009.3.31
Prof. Hiroyuki Sasaki National Institute for Genetics 2009.4.1-
Prof. Kenji Hirayama Nagasaki Univ. 2009.4


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Visiting Associate Professor

Jung,Jin Ha College of Natural Science, Seoul National University (Korea) 1988.12.12-1989.3.25
Ramesh Sharma Department of Biochemistry, North-Eastern Hill University (India) 1989.7.1-1990.3.31
Ishitiaq Mahaud Dacca University (Bangladesh) 1990.4.1-1990.2.27
Samuel Abraham Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (U.S.A) 1990.10.1-1990.12.22
Steven H Larsen Indian University School of Medicine (U.S.A) 1991.12-1991.12.17
Neil Elliott Forsberg Animal Sciences, Oregon State University (U.S.A) 1992.4.8-1992.11.5
Hans-Gerd Nothwang Universitats-Kinderklinik (Germany) 1993.1.5-1994.3.31
Wang Lihong Department of Internal medicine The Affiliated Hospital Nanjing Railway Medical College (China) 1994.4.1-1996.3.31
Oded Ben-Yoseph University of Michigan Medical Center (U.S.A) 1996.4.1-1996.6.30
Ishtiaq Mahmud Dacca University (Bangladesh) 1996.9.1-1997.3.31
Ye Chen Institute of Biophysics Academia Sinica,China (China) 1997.6.1-1998.3.31
Wan Park College of Natural Sciences, Kyungpook National University (Korea) 1998.4.1-1999.3.31
Zhong Hue Liu Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences (China) 1999.4.1-2000.9.30
Yang Bing Jamusi University Medical School (China) 2000.10.1-2001.3.31
Yi Li Medical School of JILIN University (China) 2001.4.1-2002.3.31
Lin Chunxing Dailan University School of Medicine (China) 2002.4.1-


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Foreign Visiting Associate-Professorship

Every fiscal year, the institute is offering a foreign visiting associate-professorship to collabolate and exchange the scientific information for periods of 3 months to 1 year.



  1. Living allowance (Tax-free):¥356,000-¥751,000 a month
    The living allowance depends on the passage pf year after graduation and the period of research fellow
  2. Housing Allowance:
    An apartment will normally be provided an awardee from the institute
  3. Travel allowance:Round-trip air tickets (Economy class)


Application procedure

An applicant wishing to be awarded the foreign visiting associate-professorship should apply to the professor of the institute. Candidates are required curriculum vitae, publication list and a short description of the recent research. Deadline for submission of completed applications is Nobember 30, for the next fiscal year.