History and Aim

Mission Statement and Outline of the Institute for Enzyme Research

Mission Statement

The Institute for Enzyme Research aims to contribute the advancement of academic research and create works of the highest international standard through the studies on enzyme, protein and genetic regulations.



The Institute for Enzyme Research “KOSOKEN” was founded in 1961 as an only one Research Institute for Enzyme Research in Japan and marks its 50th anniversary in 2010. In 1987, the Institute was expanded to six divisions. After that, the Institute has been reestablished every ten years to cope with the rapid progression of life science. In 2007, the institute has been further expanded to six divisions with 7 project research groups, and two research facilities of Bio-RI and protein structural analysis by X-ray diffraction equipment. In 2009, Ministry of Education sanctioned this Institute as a “Key Enzyme Research Center” of Japan and additional three divisions of Enzyme Literacy, Enzyme Resource and Functional Enzyme Analysis have been established. The Institute activities are conducted by these eleven research divisions and two research facilities. Several national big research projects and international collaborations are now in progress under the organization.


The Institute for Enzyme Research is located in Kuramoto Campus of the University of Tokushima. On Kuramoto Campus, there are three Faculties (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences), four Graduate Schools (Medical Sciences, Oral Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nutrition and Biosciences), and University Medical and Dental Hospital. In addition to our Institute for Enzyme Research, there are cooperative research facilities in this Campus, forming a powerful research core in the life science field: Institute for Genome Research; Radioisotope Research Center; Institute for Animal Experimentation affiliated with Health Bioscinences; Institute for Medicinal Resources affiliated with Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; and the University Library Kuramoto Branch. This campus conducts research on advanced medical treatment as well as education and life science as a medical center. Our staff scientists are the faculty members of the Graduate School of Medicine.



Kiyoshi Fukui, MD & Ph.D