A Message from the Dean

Shogo Hirai


 From April of 2016, the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences of Tokushima University will start anew becoming one department (Department of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences) including four courses (Comparative Studies in Society and Culture, Psychology and Health Studies, Public Policy Studies, Community and Regional Studies). It is not only Tokushima or Shikoku, but also the country as a whole, being influenced by globalization, the decreasing birthrate and aging population, the importance of health promotion, and regional activation. These issues need to be solved taking a societal approach, and shared by various areas of expertise such as the humanities, and human behavior, social, regional, information sciences.
 Research and education in the Department of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences focuses on tackling these challenges from a diverse academic and interdisciplinary approach. Students will be able to contribute to the lifestyles and cultures of communities facing these issues after equipping themselves with broad knowledge base and the abilities and skills to analyze these regional challenges of modern society from a globalized, information, and management perspectives.
 Our curriulum provides an academic experience with opportunities to gain the practical skills necessary in today’s society with courses that students actively learn in communities and society and courses that students develop more international understanding, as well as a practical level of language skills and the experience to open up the future of our students towards many possibilities.
 So, why not design your own future in the new Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences Department of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences?