Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center


We play a central role in comprehensive radiation safety management of radioactive isotopes at the university, which are used for education and research conducted using radioactive isotopes. We aim to contribute to the progress of education and research, as well as to cooperate with research and development of radiation safety management and the dissemination of knowledge concerning radiation in the local community.


On April 1, 2016, the Radioisotope Research Center, which was opened on April 1,2000 for the purpose of performing comprehensive and centralized all-encompassingresearch on radiation, such as advanced radiation research and its support, radiation education, and radiation safety management, was renamed the Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center. In pursuit of safe and efficient education and research using radioisotopes, radiation, and their functional research support, the center provides rigorous safety management of radioactive materials within the university,as well as education and training for radiation workers. We also conduct research and development of safety management and the promotion of strengthening research cooperation with the PET/CT facility for small animals. The center provides relevant academic staff with joint use of the facilities and helps to fully educate the undergraduate and local communities on radiation.


Strategy for Advance Radiation Research, Education, and Management Center

  •   1.A university-wide system for advanced radiation safety, education and training
  •   2.Promotion of research on utilization of high level radioisotopes
  •   3.Provision of information concerning radiation safety management for scientists and the public
  •   4.Research and development of the safe use of radioisotopes