Award Announcement of the Photo Contest Exhibition


 From December 15th (Tue) to 23rd (Wed), 2020, the Photo Contest Exhibition "From Tokushima to the Future: My Lifestyle 2020”was held at Galleria Shinkura, Tokushima University.
 The purpose of this contest is to show what foreign students and researchers at Tokushima University have experienced in the current situation and how they have responded.
 As a result of voting, a photo entitled "The urge to learn and be educated, with or without a mask" was selected as the most favourite work. This work was contributed by Hannah Rhea P. Alfredo, an international student from the Philippines. She wants to convey a message that international students have a strong motivation to study even amidst corona pandemic, and she hopes that people who see these pictures will understand and sympathize with the international students' aspiration.