Graduate students were awarded for “HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2018"


"HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2018" was successfully held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall (Kurara).

31 Ph.D. students explain their research and future vision in front of non-specialist audience with a single slide in limited three minutes.

7 Ph.D.graduate students from Tokushima University participated and spoke hotly about the vision of their own research.

After the Competition, an awards ceremony was held and one student from Tokushima University received the award.

This competition will be held next year. We are waiting for your challenge.


医科学教育部 新村 貴博 薬の新たな可能性を発掘-ドラッグリポジショニングによる創薬-  
先端技術科学教育部 唐 卿 次世代の癌治療:スマートな抗癌薬輸送  
栄養生命科学教育部 新井田 裕樹 "あぶら"は筋肉をつくる?  
口腔科学教育部 Khurel Ochir
Role of a cell-building protein(p21)on osteoarthritis of the Jaw Joints Runner Up
(English Session)
先端技術科学教育部 Nguyen Thi Nhien Expantion of genome editing technology for overcoming diabetes  
口腔科学教育部 Resmi Raju 3-Dimensional tissue regeneration for tooth support system  
口腔科学教育部 Shaista Afroz Neural mechanism of neuropathic orofacial pain  


Group Picture “HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2018”



After Award Ceremony
From left Takahiro Niimura, Nguyen Thi Nhien, Norihisa Sumimura(Assistant Professor), Shaista Afroz,
Khurel Ochir Tsendsuren, Dr.Sasaki(Executive Director for Research, Tang Qing, Yuki Niida, Resmi Raju




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