The 2018 University of Tokushima Entrance Ceremony


On April 6, the 2018 Entrance Ceremony was held at ASTY Tokushima. A total of 1,920 students was enrolled (1,311 undergraduate school, 481 graduate school (Master’s Program), 96 graduate school (Doctoral Program), and 32 transfer students).

At the Entrance Ceremony, representative of the new students Ayumi Matsunaga of the Faculty of Bioscience and Bioindustry vowed to observe the regulations in accordance with the educational policy of the university and to pursue learning and personal development. President Noji then offered words of congratulation, encouraging the new students to make ability the friend of opportunity in order to make big discoveries. Then Masato Uetani of the Department of Science and Engineering, offering a welcome on behalf of the students, spoke of the importance of first mastering a particular skill through study and clubs at the university.