International students take part in a pilgrimage experience


On February 18 (Saturday), members of the Tokushima Intercultural Caravan, an organization made up mainly of international students at institutions of higher education in Tokushima Prefecture, took part in a pilgrimage experience organized by a Tokushima NPO. This time, the pilgrimage experience wasn’t only for foreign nationals – Japanese also walked with them. The purpose of the activity is for resident foreign nationals to enjoy the experience of pilgrimage culture, and help to publicize it. On the day, the participants walked about 8 km, visiting five temples, No.13 Dainichi-ji, No.14 Jōraku-ji, No.15 Kokubun-ji, No.16 Kanonji Temple, and No.17 Ido-ji. The guidance and explanations of the pilgrimage guide were translated into English and Chinese. Costumed with a pilgrim’s hat and staff, the guide explained carefully how to perform the temple visits. It was a mild day with little wind, and the participants received some alms. It was an opportunity for everyone to think deeply about pilgrimage culture through experience and engagement. 


Participants: Eight foreign nationals (Three Chinese, and one Taiwanese, American, French, German, and Australian from Tokushima University, Shikoku University, Hosei University, as well as Tokushima residents), and 40 Japanese


Praying each according to their own

Split into groups and ready to go

Smiling Chinese students


Successfully finished the walk