International students participate in a disaster prevention workshop for foreign nationals in Minami


On January 29, the Tokushima Intercultural Caravan, an organization made up mainly of international students at institutions of higher education in Tokushima Prefecture, participated in a disaster prevention workshop for foreign nationals in Hiwasa, Minami in the south of the prefecture. The aim of this activity is to prepare for disaster through cooperation between resident foreign nationals and local people. In the area, there are five resident foreign nationals; four Indonesians who work as caregivers, and an assistant language teacher who teaches English at elementary and junior high schools. Five Mongolian students playing foreign tourists, and six senior high school students also took part. Researcher Iwaka from the Tokushima University Center for Community Revitalization explained how to protect yourself in a disaster, the earthquake early warning system, and disaster prevention, then conducted evacuation training to an evacuation center on Konpirasan. They also tried eating emergency rations together. There were 29 participants, including local people. It was a good opportunity for foreign nationals, high school students and local residents to learn how to cope together in a disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.