Odeon Theater International Project


On January 21 and 22, the Tokushima Intercultural Caravan, an organization made up mainly of international students at institutions of higher education in Tokushima Prefecture, undertook the Odeon Theater International Project at Wakimachi in Mima. This is the seventh project to perform a drama in the Wakimachi Odeon Theater. This time, the activities were divided into a drama group and a town walking group.

The town walking group visited Wakimachi High School on the afternoon of the 21st, and the 28 students of the first grade formed 14 pairs and walked around the Wakimachi Udatsu Street, including the Mori Hospital, taking photos. After returning to the school, they selected one photo that would appeal to foreign nationals, and on the 22nd, they presented their photo at the Odeon Theater on the theme of “New discoveries in Udatsu Street!”. The theater group put on a play in the Odeon Theater by Kenji Miyazawa which they had rehearsed from October under the direction of Keiko Sengoku of Shikoku Gakuin University.

In addition, there was a report on Taiwan from the high school second graders who took part in the SSH overseas training, and finally, all the 120 or so participants enjoyed engaging freely in a yes/no quiz about 12 countries. It was an opportunity for lots of encounters and discoveries among the countries of the world on the stage of the Odeon Theater.