International students visit Tokushima Municipal High School


On January 20, the Tokushima Intercultural Caravan, an organization made up mainly of international students at institutions of higher education in Tokushima Prefecture, visited Tokushima Municipal High School. This is the ninth visit since 2009. This year, 14 people took part in eight first grade classes. After the international students introduced their countries, they had lunch together in the cafeteria. Then they experienced the activities prepared for each class. Members of the Caravan have a variety of backgrounds such as teacher training students at the university, technology researchers on the JICA program, research students, and short term foreign exchange students. It was a good opportunity for them to experience Japanese high school. There was an active exchange of opinion in each class based on preparation by the students researching the geography and culture of the international students’ countries. The international students and high school students talked seriously in Japanese and English, and experienced the joy of making themselves understood in a foreign language.