2016 One-day field trip to Kagawa for international students from the Faculty of Medicine


On December 3, the 2016 Field Trip was held to Kagawa for international students from the Faculty of Medicine. This is held every December to enable international students to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and for the students to get to know each other better. This time, eight international students from Mongolia, Indonesia and Bangladesh took part.

This time, they visited the Nakano Udon School in Kotohirachō, Konpira Shrine which is popularly known as Konpirasan, the Kanamaru-Za Konpira Grand Theatre, and Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu.

The students tried making udon at the Nakano Udon School. They had a lot of fun kneading the dough with their feet to the beat of dance music. All the participants received certificates of completion from the Nakano Udon School. Next, they headed from Konpira Shrine to the Kanamaru-Za, first climbing the 785 steps up to Konpira Shrine on the side of Mt. Zōzu. The students paid their respects with two bows, two claps, and another bow. At the Kanamaru-Za theater, Japan’s oldest surviving theater and an important cultural asset, they expressed their admiration for the human-powered rotating stage and elevator, and the fact that Kabuki is still performed here. After about two hours of sightseeing, the students went back to the Nakano Noodle School to eat the noodles they made earlier for lunch. It tasted exceptional, and everyone was smiling. After lunch, they went to Ritsurin Garden. They very much enjoyed the borrowed landscape of Mt. Shiun, the six ponds, and the thirteen splendid views of Mt. Tsuki in this feudal lord’s garden. The participants came away with good memories of their trip.



Kneading dough to the beat of dance music


at Kompira shrine

at Kanamaruza