2016 international exchange evening at the Kuramoto Campus


On November 29, the 2016 International Exchange Evening was held at Kitchen Sakula on the first floor of the Kuramoto Hall on the Kuramoto Campus, organized by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

This exchange is held every year so that international students on the Kuramoto Campus who live far from their home countries in Tokushima can enjoy meeting each other and the Japanese students and staff, and take happy memories of Tokushima home with them. This was the 13th time it’s been held, and one hundred people from ten countries attended.

The evening began with opening remarks from Hiroyoshi Sei, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Professor, Integrated Physiology), and participants enjoyed chatting and eating. The international students and Japanese participants gave presentations about their countries and performed musical recitals, and there was an opportunity to try on a kimono. It was such an enjoyable occasion that everyone lost track of the time.


  IMG_1.jpg   IMG_2.jpg  

Students to socialize while enjoying dinner


International students are excited to wear a kimono for the first time (right)

  IMG_3.jpg       IMG_4.jpg  

An ensemble of Japanese students play the shamisen