Disaster prevention training for International Students


On November 28, the International Center held disaster prevention training at the Josanjima Campus for international students. The training was held under the guidance of the Tokushima Higashi Fire Department to master the basic knowledge for living safely in Japan. International students and foreign researchers at the university learned how to report a fire by phone and how to use a fire extinguisher. They also experienced an earthquake in an earthquake simulation vehicle.

The students were instructed to dial 119 if they discover a fire. They learned through simulations how to respond to questions when reporting fires. In the firefighting training, they learned how to use a fire extinguisher. All the participants were surprised when they experienced seismic intensity 7 in the earthquake simulation vehicle. The students experienced the fear of the shaking, and learned the importance of preparing for when major shaking occurs.

This very useful training taught the students the importance of acting calmly and other necessary knowledge.


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Calling 119 for the first time


Training in firefighting which used fire extinguisher


Experience learning of big earthquake in the special vehicle