Study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding


On November 2, the International Center held a study tour for international students to promote cultural understanding. The program receives support from Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

On this occasion, the theme was "Salt and Art Museums - Learning about the origins and development of business in Tokushima". Twenty-seven international students took part with five Japanese student supporters, five Naruto University of Education students, and two local supporters. They visited the Tokushima Factory of Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd., the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Capacity Development Institute, Uzunomichi, and the Otsuka Museum of Art.

The history of Otsuka Pharmaceutical began with the use of brine from the salt industry in Naruto as the raw material for pharmaceuticals. The company has expanded its business to chemicals, beverages and food, and the development of ceramic plates (the collection of the Otsuka Museum of Art) by adding value to sand. On this study visit, the participants learned about the company's corporate philosophy and business development.

Besides learning a lot at the places they visited, the international students and Japanese enjoyed lively exchanges, getting to know about each other's culture and  ways of thinking, making this a valuable study tour.


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