The 2016 Engineering Festival


On September 27, the Graduate School of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Bioscience and Bioindustry held the 16th Engineering Festival, in place of the former Institute of Socio-Arts and Sciences.

The purpose of the festival is to promote the joint research of both Graduate Schools, to publicize their research findings widely to local people, and to contribute to the promotion of science and technology in the region. As well as fulfilling their accountability to the community regarding their research activities and content, they are are also considering proposals for collaboration from the private sector.

As usual, we invited external evaluators to presentations on the research findings of both Graduate Schools (priority, young staff, and general). There was also a report on the results of the Advanced Engineering Education and Research Project and each Center, and research presentations from recipients of the Awa Bank Scholarship Culture Promotion Foundation research grants. From outside the university, there was also a total of 42 poster exhibits presenting research at Kagawa University Faculty of Engineering, with explanations by the respective researchers. Approximately 250 participants from inside and outside the university took part, and they offered opinions including “It was very good”, and “It was useful”.

In a special lecture held at the same time, Hayato Utsumi, Manager of the Tokushima Prefecture Citizens’ Environment Department Environmental Capital Natural Energy Promotion Division gave a talk entitled “Clean Energy of the Future – Building a Hydrogen Society: Tokushima Prefecture’s Hydrogen Grid Concept”, to which the visitors listened with great interest.