Opening ceremony for the FY2016 second semester Japanese language training course


On October 12, an opening ceremony was held for the University of Tokushima International Center’s 2016 second semester Japanese language training course, at the Global Communication Hall. The current Japanese language training course welcomes 13 students, from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Solomon Islands, Malawi, Kiribati, Rwanda, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Sudan.

The lessons on the Japan language training course are not just for learning Japanese. They also involve exchange activities with Japanese students and local residents. Importance is placed on the individuality of each student as they work to understand the culture and customs of Japan, and various measures are taken to enable them to build good relationships with Japanese. In addition to the introductory course this term, an advanced course is offered to enable those who have already learned some Japanese to make further progress. Two students from Vietnam are studying on the advanced course.

At the opening ceremony, Chenghai Jin, Director of the International Center, offered a welcome greeting. Then the trainees introduced themselves briefly, giving their name, country of origin and specialism in Japanese.